- It is never too early to book a session. However, please note that BundaNayLa Fotografie is closed during Summer Vacation and Winter periode (Desember – February), and we don't take any session on Sundays.

- Once you book a session in us, we’ll never let you walk alone. You will be guided through the process from choosing the right location, selecting clothes to wear (definitely no white shirt and jeans‼ it’s so outdated haha!), to some tips on how to make your kids (and/or newborn) be photographed at their best.

- To achieve a desired photo setting, we provide you with various photo props (including clothes for newborn photosession). However, you’re always welcomed to bring anything particular from home if you like to include it in your picture.

For anything that’s not stated, please feel free to contact me at info@bundanayla.com

Patricia | BundaNayLa

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